Turn Your Brown Thumb Green: 4 Tips To Creating A Lush Landscape

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There's no way around it--your front yard makes a strong first impression. Whether it's good or bad, however, is entirely up to you. Your yard may be nothing more than a wide expanse of grass, or it may feature a colorful flower garden or well-tended shubbery. Whatever the case, though, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your home's curb appeal doesn't make onlookers turn green. 


1. Many people mistakenly believe they can place a sapling in the ground and water it occasionally and expect it to grow. Whether large or small, trees benefit from proper aeration, fertilizing, and watering. Keeping the soil around your trees loose gives water and other nutrients better access to the roots, while using compost or fertilizer can give them an added boost. Additionally, making sure to water the proper amount--not too much or too little--can help your tree establish strong roots and grow more efficiently.


2. The University of Minnesota Extension advises first choosing the correct plants for a flower garden. Flowers should be selected based on the conditions they thrive in--temperature, moisture, light levels, etc.

Once you've selected flowers appropriate to your environment, you can keep them healthy by keeping them free and clear of weeds and bugs:


3. Urban Gardens suggests the following for keeping a garden green and healthy year-round, where possible:


4. Lawns can be the biggest eyesore in a yard if not taken care of properly. Experts recommend regular maintenance as well as preventative measures:

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