3 Reasons To Use An Aluminum Storefront For Your Business

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Are you building a new facility for your business? Will you have customers and clients frequently entering through the building's front door? If so, it's important that your building's storefront have a clean and attractive appearance. You'll also likely want something that's energy efficient, as well as cost-effective to install. One good option is aluminum. While steel is a commonly used construction material, aluminum is quickly becoming a popular option. Here are three reasons why you may want to use aluminum for your new building's storefront:

It retains its appearance. Nearly all construction materials look good when they're first installed. The real question is how they'll look in five, ten, or even twenty years. Steel and other metals can rust, fade, and generally lose their appearance over time. Wood is vulnerable to rot caused by moisture and insects. Aluminum, on the other hand, usually goes through a sealing process that closes off its pores. That means that the aluminum is protected from water, sunlight, pollution, cleaning materials, and a wide variety of chemicals. Aluminum is also available in a wide variety of colors. That means you can choose your own custom color material and be confident that it will retain its appearance without paint or any other maintenance.

It's energy efficient. Steel and other metals can cause heat transfer. That means that sunlight and heat hits the outside of your storefront and then that heat is transferred inside your building, artificially pumping up your indoor temperature. Conversely, heat inside your building could escape by being transferred from the inside of the storefront to the outside. Aluminum is naturally resistant to heat transfer, making your storefront more energy efficient. If you combine your aluminum storefront with energy efficient windows, you can reduce your energy bill and still have a bright and open storefront.

It's easy to install. Many aluminum storefronts are available in easy-to-install systems. That means you can buy the storefront as a package and the pieces simply need to be snapped together and sealed. This is much different from a steel storefront, which may require high-cost steel cutting and welding. With an aluminum storefront, that portion of your building may be constructed in very little time and with few workers. That will help keep your project on-schedule and under budget.

Talk to your contractor and an aluminum storefront dealer, like Glasshopper Schor Glass, about how aluminum could work for your building. They can recommend options that meet your design and budget.