Give Your Garden A "Curb Appeal" With A Concrete Curb Surround

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You can create a border around your garden or flowerbed using many different materials. If you want a permanent fix, you can put a curb around your plants by installing a concrete curb surround. The process is easy and you only need a few materials to create the curb and add a design. This guide explains the steps needed to make this curb a reality.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To create your curb garden border, you're going to need these supplies:

Step 2: Clear the Area

Use the shovel to clear out the grass and weeds around the flowerbed or garden.

Step 3: Mix the Concrete

Follow the direction on the bag of concrete mix to mix up the concrete in the wheelbarrow.

Step 4: Fill the Curbing Machine

Use the instructions that come with the curbing machine to fill it. Scoop up the concrete with the shovel and pour it into the appropriate canister on the machine.

Step 5: Choose Your Attachment

Because the machine comes with several attachments, determine which of the following you want:

Step 6: Create the Curb Design

Wheel the machine to the back of one side of the flowerbed or garden. Then turn the machine on and allow the concrete to come out of the machine. Walk backwards around the perimeter of the area you're curbing.

Walk quickly for a subtle design, or walk slowly for more detail in the wood grain or swirls. Walking slowly will also provide a thicker border.

Refill the canister as needed and give the concrete a couple days to dry.

Consideration: Add Variations to the Concrete

Leave the concrete as is or choose to paint it once it is dry. An idea for the wood grain design is to paint the concrete a light brown color to bring out the wood effect. If you choose the swirl design, paint the entire surface in a color of your choice, and then use a thin paintbrush to add more color in the swirls.

If you would rather get the color and curb creation done in one day, pick up some concrete color to add to the mix before you put the concrete into the machine.

Use the curbing machine to create borders anywhere you want to section something off in your yard in addition to the garden or flowerbeds. Contact your landscaper if you have any problems using the machine, or if you want some different ideas for styles when landscaping.