6 Memorial Gifts For The Garden

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Funerals and memorials are difficult. You are dealing with your own grief while trying to comfort those closest to the deceased. Sending flowers or giving a monetary gift to the requested charity is a way of expressing your feelings, but there are more personal, and long-lasting ways to communicate this. 

Gardens are often a quiet place to contemplate. If the deceased or their loved ones enjoy gardening, the suggestions below may bring some joy into this difficult time in their lives. 

1. Tree: Giving the gift of a tree is special. Each year, as it grows, the family can reflect upon the life of their missing member. Eventually they can even relax under the shade of its branches. A tree is a special gift that reinforces the message that life goes on.

2. Fountain: Many people love the sound of running water; it has a calming effect. The gift of a garden fountain is a good way to enjoy this soothing sound. Fountains can be wall mounted, or you can order a free-standing unit for the center of a walkway. 

3. Decorative Cross: Adding decorative crosses to a garden bed can be a subtle reminder of the love between those left behind and their lost loved one. It can have a place of prominence, or be tucked away in the corner of a flower bed. 

4. Perennial: If the deceased had a favorite plant or flower, gift his or her family with one. Peonies, hydrangea, and even a pergola with wisteria to trail up it all make lovely gifts that bloom year after year and add beauty to the garden. 

5. Engraved Stone: Stepping stones are a popular addition to many gardens, leading the way to surprising blooms around the corner. Adding an engraved stone with your loved ones name and a favorite quote is a touching way to remember their life. 

6. Wind Chimes: The gift of a wind chime is also a special one. As the wind blows, the gentle music created brings happier days to mind and a smile to the face of the listener. A quality wind chime set is a gift that will last for years and will truly be appreciated. 

Thoughtful gifts for the garden bring joy to the heart of the recipient long after the bouquets, cards and well wishes have disappeared. They are more meaningful and can bring comfort for years to come.