Common Questions About Maintaining Outdoor Metal Plant Stands

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If you are an avid plant lover, you likely want to have plants throughout your yard and patio. Placing these plants on the ground may expose them to a higher risk of suffering damage, but you can minimize this risk by placing the plants on a plant stand. However, this stand will be exposed to various conditions that can damage it. After you understand the following answers to questions about common problems outside metal plant stands encounter, you should be better able to address these issues. 

How Do You Safely Remove Moss From A Metal Plant Stand?

As time passes, you will likely notice a layer of moss growing on the plant stand. This may seem like a harmless issue, but it can actually cause extensive damage to the stand if it is not removed. The moss will trap moisture, which can cause the stand to start rusting. 

While there are many chemicals that can be used to kill moss, some of these substances can be harmful to your metal stand because they will weaken it or make it more susceptible to corrosion. To minimize this risk, you can mix baking soda and water to make a paste that will neutralize the moss. A few days after you have evenly applied this mixture on the moss, it should be dead and easy to pull off of the stand. 

Is It Possible To Repair Rusted Portions Of The Plant Stand?

Whether the rust is caused by unchecked moss or years of exposure to the elements, it can ruin the appearance of your plant stand as well as cause structural problems with it. Fortunately, you may be able to correct this problem if the rust has not structurally weakened the stand. To do this, you will need to remove the rust by gently rubbing it with sandpaper. 

Once the rust has been removed, you will need to apply a sealant to the entire stand to prevent the rust from returning soon after. Sealant can often be applied with either a spray or brush, but you will need to allow it to fully cure for at least a day or two before placing it back outside. 

Ensuring that your metal plant stand look its best does not have to be a difficult task. While there are numerous problems that these items may encounter, understanding how to safely remove moss and repairing rusted areas will help you handle two of the more common issues that your plant stands may experience.