Three Easy Ways To Make Floral Arrangements At Home

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You can instantly update the look of your home by creating a beautiful floral arrangement with a bouquet of flowers. Many people think that it is difficult to create a floral arrangement at home, but it is actually much easier than you may think. The following guide walks you through a few tips and tricks for creating a beautiful floral arrangement quickly and easily.

Use Tape

If you want to make the floral arrangement in a vase, use tape to create a grid on the top of the vase. Cut the stems on the flowers an inch longer than the height of the vase. Place a flower in each of the squares you created with the tape and you will instantly have a beautiful floral arrangement to display in your home. Be sure to add the water to the vase before applying the tape though. If you were to get the tape wet, it would peel away from the vase and not work properly.

Use Floral Foam

Floral foam is an amazing type of foam that will absorb the water you put into the container you are using for your arraignment so that the flowers get the water they need, while still being held in place. Using floral foam is quite easy to do. Simply use a nail to push holes into the foam. You can then trim the stems of the flowers so that they will sit directly onto the top of whatever vessel you are using as the base of your display. You can place the foam in a glass bowl and put it into a basket, put it into a bucket, or even in a jar to create a unique arrangement. Once the foam is in place, start to push the stem of each flower into one of the holes that you made. The flowers will stay in place until you remove them from the foam.

Use String

If you want to create a floral arrangement in a basket, but do not have floral foam on hand, you can use string to create a grid on the top of the basket to use as a support system for the stems of the flowers. Be sure that you place a bowl inside of the basket before you start creating the grid so that you have a vessel to hold the water that the plants need when you are done. Trim the flowers and then place one flower between each opening in the grid to create the desired look.

All of these arrangement options do not cause any damage to the vessel you are using to create the arrangement or the flowers. The flowers will look like they were professionally arranged when you are done and you will have saved a lot of money in the end.

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