Be Prepared For A Disaster With The Help Of A Rented Self Storage Unit

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Disaster can strike in many forms, from an unexpected blizzard hitting your town to a fire that has damaged your home. While it can be difficult to prepare for many of the effects that these disasters can come with, a stocked self-storage unit can be very helpful for preventing any serious problems while you are waiting to get back into your home.

For ideas of what to store in your climate-controlled self-storage unit, consider some of the following emergency supplies that will help you considerably in the case of the unexpected.

Gas-Powered Generator

If the power is out in your home due to a blizzard or other weather event, you may find yourself without power for the unforeseen future. Instead of making do without power, you can look into buying a gas-powered generator. Since these generators can provide the necessary wattage output (usually anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 watts) for powering up anything from your laptop charger to the freezer.

While it may be convenient to store the generator at home, it can take up a lot of space and may not be kept maintained in a warm garage or shed. A rented storage unit can keep the unit in good condition and stored out of sight until you need it in an emergency.

Non-Perishable Foods and Drinks

One of the biggest problems people face when worried about the power going out or another emergency at home is food. If there is no way to keep your food cool, you are going to run out of food very quickly—especially if the disaster has hit your entire town, running the supermarkets dry as well.

Your storage unit can be the perfect place to store non-perishable foods until you need them.

Clothing Suitable for Any Season

To stay comfortable during a disaster, you want to have the right clothing ready. If the power were to go out or you may be spending time away from home, you will need clothes that can keep you warm or cool enough. Instead of taking up valuable closet space at home, rent a storage unit to keep your clothes ready for wear when needed.

Supplies for Days Away from Home

In some cases, you may find yourself needing to leave home due to a fire or your home being in the middle of an evacuation zone. While you should be able to bring some items from home with you, it is a smart idea to pack an emergency bag or two in the storage unit that includes spare clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries, and even electronics chargers.

Stocking your self-storage unit can be a fantastic way to keep you and your family comfortable if disaster strikes. With the above tips in mind, you can be prepared for anything without filling your home unnecessarily. Contact a storage professional, like Palmisano Ralph Movers, for more help.