Repurposing Wooden Items For Outdoor Flower Beds

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Spring is fast approaching. But it's never too early or too late to plan out your flower garden for the first planting of the year. Repurposing and reusing items in the garden is a great way to cut down on consumption and reduce your overall carbon footprint. When it comes to garden beds, wooden planters are a popular choice by gardeners. Here are a few ways to repurpose and look for items to create cheap wooden planters in your backyard space.  


Upcycling wooden pallets that can be found at area businesses give you an opportunity to reuse them in your garden area. In many cases, these pallets are low-cost or free. Pallets can be taken apart, stripped from their nails and used for re-cutting and recreating a garden planter or container suited to your needs. When using pallets, keep a few precautions in mind, such as:

Pallets are lightweight and easy to cut and restructure. You can stain or paint them to create an attractive wooden planter that matches your outdoor decor.


Scouring antique shops and barn sales for old wooden chairs offers a unique style that is inexpensive and easy to put together. Wooden chairs can be painted, stained or left with their existing chippy paint to create a shabby chic look. Some chairs that already have a hole on the seat allow you to easily add a mesh screen or planter to create a foundation for your soil and plants. Get creative with color and don't forget to add trailing vines such as Vinca to your flower collection to give the chair planter dimension and charm.


Wooden toolboxes allow you to create a sturdy planter foundation for your favorite flower groupings. Painting the toolboxes bright colors, including red, yellow or blue, allows you to generate a focal point on your back porch, near a potting shed or on your deck or patio. Don't forget to drill some holes in the bottom for proper drainage. Remove the top of the toolbox and fill with a generous selection of shade-loving annuals in similar color schemes.

Wine Barrels

Flea markets and antique shops typically sell vintage wine barrels for a variety of uses. You can use a small wine barrel or half of a large wine barrel to create a cheap wooden garden planter. This look is good for country-themed gardens or cottage-style gardens. The barrel can be tilted on its side to create an overflowing appearance with bright-colored annuals such as impatiens or begonias. They can also be filled with tall plants such as foxglove or delphinium.

Shopping local for wooden planter materials allows you to get started on your project right away. You can also search for repurposed outdoor wooden planters online to find something that is already pre-made and ready to use right away in your garden space.