Environmental Benefits Of Soft Water

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If you are environmentally conscious, you may worry that installing a water softener is not a good choice. Although these systems can discharge extra sodium, they actually benefit the environment in several ways. Rest assured that you can have soft water and be a good citizen.


The minerals in hard water cause a buildup of limescale in your pipes, on your bathroom fixtures, and in your appliances. Not only is this substance unsightly, but it also causes your water heater to work inefficiently, wasting a significant amount of energy every year. If you have a gas heater, you will burn approximately 29% more energy, and with an electric heater, you'll use 21% more. Your coffee maker, dishwasher, and washing machines will also suffer from this buildup, causing them to be less efficient and to need replacement sooner. They will also use more energy and cost you more money than is necessary.


Hard water reduces the effectiveness of soaps and other detergents, meaning you need to use more of these items for personal hygiene and laundry. Since you get a better lather with soft water, you don't need to use as much water either. You will save money on shampoo, laundry soap, and dishwashing liquid. You will also be able to choose more natural products and still get a good result without using harsh chemicals. Soft water allows your skin to feel softer and your clothes to look cleaner. Your clothing will also last longer, so you'll cut down on shopping trips. Reducing consumerism is good for you and the environment.  

Other Benefits

Of course, installing a new water softener is being kind to yourself as well. In addition to saving money, your water will just be more pleasant to drink. For many folks, the minerals in hard water are unpalatable, making the water smell and look undesirable. Drinking enough water is essential to maintaining good health, so having soft water improves that aspect of your life as well. Plus, you won't have to field daily complaints from your family members.

When you invest in a water softener, you can feel good about helping to save the environment while making life easier for you and your family. You'll save money and better enjoy the taste of your water. Housekeeping will also be easier. Consult with a water-softening professional from a company like Anderson Water Systems today for an estimate on adding a system to your home.