Bring An Old Fireplace To Life This Winter

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There is something special about curling up by the fire during the chilly temperatures of winter—but how can you replicate the experience when your fireplace doesn't work? Consider turning your non-working fireplace into a focal point for the entire home with one of the following practical suggestions:

Give it some gas. Invest in an energy-efficient gas insert to place inside the fireplace and utilize to take off the chill this winter. These can be operated at a low cost, and they will give off heat, which can reduce your oil or electric costs year-round. Enjoy watching the actual glow of a fire in your hearth whenever you want to get cozy. Contact a company like Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center for more information.

Light it up. Another way to breathe life in your non-working fireplace is with an electric light feature. These resemble inserts and often are molded to look like logs or kindling. Many operate with a remote control, which makes it easy to set a mood and make the home more inviting this winter season.

Makeover your mantle. Try making over your mantle to give the fireplace an impressive finish and to attract new attention. Consider painting, staining, or covering the mantle with tile, mosaics, or stone and grout. Talk with contractors about unique finishes and ideas to enhance the looks of your mantle.

Highlight your hearth. Do something completely different to highlight and show off your hearth. There are some cool DIY decorating ideas that you can use that won't require special tools or skills.

Some ideas include:

Give your fireplace a face-lift. Give the entire fireplace a face-lift by painting or staining the stone or brick. Paint the entire surface white; this can make a rustic fireplace look modern in a flash. Or, hire a mason to give it a new facade or tile finish that covers up the old stonework.

Enjoy the coziness of your home this winter by bringing your non-working fireplace to life. Make it the focal point of your space while still maintaining the peace of mind that you are operating it safely any time of the year. Use these tips to give your fireplace a fresh, new look!